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i have two moods:

  • sleep is for the weak
  • sleeping for a week

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i hate seeing people my age in public bc its always like a competition of whose more attractive and im always losing

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ok im giving away a majority of my band merch cause i have some doubles and plus like a majority of you guys are going to college or school and it’ll be cool to show off some cool band merch and it’s also in celebration with Arctic Monkey’s upcoming fifth album, woooo!!!

ok so the rules are

MUST BE FOLLOWING me or my second blog (I will check), but if you follow both you’ll get a much higher chance winning!

uh all your names will be entered in a generator which will determine the winner


I will be mailing Overseas too

****NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS***you will not be counted in the generator if you are.

likes don’t count ok cool

If you are the winner and you do not respond within 48 hours I will draw out a new winner

stuff you’ll be gettin’

  • Muse Hoodie Jumper (size medium)
  • Arctic Monkeys Australian tour t-shirt (size medium)
  • The Black Keys Australian Tour Raglan tee (size medium)
  • The xx t-shirt (size medium)
  • Matt Helders Missing t-shirt (size medium)
  • Alex Turner Smoking t-shirt (size medium)
  • Two Door Cinema Club Australian tour t-shirt (size medium)
  • Arctic Monkeys 2011 North American tour t-shirt (size medium)
  • Lana Del Rey Born To Die CD
  • Florence and the Machine Ceremonials CD
  • The Strokes RCA CD
  • The Killers Hot Fuss CD
  • The xx Australian tour Poster
  • Arctic Monkeys Suck it and See tour Poster

And that’s about it!

reblog as many times as you want, but dont spam your followers

ok this giveaway will close on the 23rd of September, so get reblogging!

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The Deep by (wbsloan) | follow on Tumblr

The Deep by (wbsloan) | follow on Tumblr

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Iceland 2010/ II Glacier Lagoon Jökulsarlón by Mafate2007 on Flickr.




Iceland 2010/ II Glacier Lagoon Jökulsarlón by Mafate2007 on Flickr.

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SEAGULLS. (by i am krisan)


SEAGULLS. (by i am krisan)

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